6th European Congress of Immunology (ECI 2021)

September 1-4, 2021

Belgrade, Serbia



Satellite Symposium of the Research Focus Group Neuroendocrinoimmunology of the German Society for Immunology

The immune system and the central nervous system use some of the same signaling molecules and mediators. Because of this close connection, it is important to discuss the influences of the brain on immune responses in the organism. This includes the immunological effects of psychosocial status, perceived stress, mood, or mental health issues. Conversely, the brain is influenced by the immune system and inflammatory processes occurring in the body, as can be readily seen in changes in behavior and mood during infections and noncommunicable inflammatory diseases. The gut-brain axis also utilizes immune mechanisms through which the microbiome can contribute to the development of neurological disease. The COVID-19 crisis is now fueling the discussion of neuroimmune interactions with new urgency.  We are therefore hosting a pre-ECI satellite symposium on August 31 to discuss the neuroendocrine-immune network in health and disease. We believe that such interactions and the reciprocal relationship between the immune system and the brain are a hot topic and will stimulate a lively discussion at the AKNEI ECI Satellite Symposium.


August 31, 2021



Belgrade, Serbia